Retrievable Packers (Service)


Type T Squeeze Packer

The Type T Squeeze Packer is a tension set packer that holds pressure above or below. The tool can be set at any depth and is used where insufficient weight is available to set a compression packer. This packer is ideal for squeeze cementing, testing, stimulation and straddle operations using a retrievable bridge plug. Download PDF


HD Packer

The HD Retrievable Packer is a high pressure, full opening, compression set tool for squeeze cementing, acidizing, fracturing and other stimulation procedures. This tool features a pressure-balanced unloader that closes when the packer sets. While pressure aids in maintaining the seal the unloader can be easily opened under high differential pressure. The large internal bypass reduces swabbing when running and retrieving. Download PDF


Crest III

The Crest III Packer is a weight set service packer for high pressure remedial work, including acidizing, fracturing, squeeze cementing, etc. It will set with minimal tubing manipulation and will withstand differential pressure from above or below. A large integral fluid bypass allows the packer to be run quickly, with minimal chance of swabbing off packing elements or dulling hold down slips. No rotation is required to retrieve, and its equalizing valve opens with the first upward movement. Download PDF



The Stradasnap Packer is a tool used for selectively acidizing short intervals of casin perforations to evenly break down the formation. The span covered is determined by the spacing between the two sets of packing elements and is adjustable to any distance down to eighteen (18) inches. Download PDF  


Type C Perforation Wash Tool

The Type C Perforation Wash Tool is for washing or acidizing perforations incasing and sand screens. It is also used for checking non-perforations to verifyinjection rates and penetration or for opening voids behind the casing for more effective gravel pack operations. The straddle interval is easily field convertedfrom one foot to any distance by simply adding tubing between the center cups. Download PDF

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