Packer Accesories 


T-2 On-Off Tool

The Type T-2 On-Off Tool is a tubing seal receptacle allowing isolation of a lower zone using a wireline blanking plug. The tubing string can then be removed from the well. When re-run, the tubing string automatically re-engages to the stinger, and the blanking plug can be retrieved by wireline. The T-2 runs above an ASI-X, VSI-XW or Permanent Packer with latch stinger. Download PDF


Pump Out Plug

Pump-Out Plugs are available with a choice of threads allowing installation to the bottom of the tubing string to isolate the tubing from the annulus. To remove the plug pressure is applied to the tubing and the Pump-Out Plug is removed to allow full opening. The pump out pressure value is easily adjusted in the field. Download PDF


Shear & Rotational Safety Joint

The Safety Joints allow positive release of the tubing string in completions where retrieval problems are anticipated. These safety joints are available in straight pull or rotational release versions. Download PDF


Bit Release

The Bit Release is used in operations for drilling out cement, cast iron bridge plugs and other drillable tools and thereby leaving the drill string intact as the production string. The spring loaded check valve prevents tubing back flow during drillout. After drillout a ball is dropped through the drill string and seats in the piston. Pressure applied to the drill string forces the drill bit to release and fall to the bottom of the hole. Download PDF

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