Retrievable Bridge Plugs


WLTC Retrievable Bridge Plug

The WLTC is designed to perform all tasks normally required of a tubing run packer type bridge plug, but be quickly converted to run and set on wire-line. It is designed to be rugged and compact (the 4-1/2” size is only 63 inches long). When run on tubing, the WLTC can be set deep or shallow because the packing element system can be energized with compression or tension. This bridge plug will withstand high differential pressures from above or below, while its internal bypass valve is easily opened, to equalize fully prior to release. Download PDF


TS Retrievable Bridge Plug

The TS Retrievable Bridge Plug is a high pressure plug for multiple zone and selective single zone operations such as acidizing, fracturing, cementing and testing. It features a large internal bypass to reduce swabbing when running and retrieving. The by-pass valve closes when the plug is set. When unsetting the by-pass valve opens before releasing the upper slips to allow pressure equalization. The by-pass is located directly below the upper slips to help debris wash when the by-pass is open. Download PDF

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