Casing Cement Equipment


Multi-Stage Cementing Collar

The Multi-Stage Cementing Collar provides an effective, economical way to cement one or more specific casing intervals or to cement upper zones after a lower zone has been cemented. The collar should be used with centralizers above and below and a Cementing Basket positioned below the ports. The operation of the collar is simple and reliable. Download PDF


Type A Cementing Shoe

Type A Cementing Shoe is designed to effectively protect the formation below the shoe from cement contamination. The rubber packing element, when expanded, not only retains the cement above the shoe, but also assures a seal between the casing and the formation. This is particularly important in the completion of water input wells. Download PDF


Cement Port Collar & Shifting Tool

The Cement Port Collar provides a full opening stage cementer that needs no plugs or balls to operate. An internal cementing sleeve is opened and closed with pipe manipulation using a shifting tool. Since no plugs are needed, multiple port collars can be run in a casing string. All can be operated with a single workstring trip. The port collar has a full opening to allow other tools to pass without restriction.

The Port Collar Shifting Tool uses spring loaded blocks that locate in the cementing sleeve providing a tie to the workstring. Download PDF


Pump-Out Cementing Sleeve

The Pump-Out Cementing Sleeve is used for cementing tubing strings in both cased and open holes. It allows for internal parts to be pumped out after the cementing process leaving a full open bore with no loss of tubing strength. Available in any material necessary to meet customer needs. A basket or packer placed below the sleeve provides a seal-point for pumping cement up the outside of the tubing string. Download PDF

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